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    Quote Originally Posted by peterjschmidt View Post
    If you're using paper filters, a cheap burr grinder would pose less of a problem. But, depending on how geeked out your palate is, there is an appreciable benefit in flavor by moving up to a conical.

    The intangible difference is in how you will live with the grinder, how long it will last, and what will you do when it needs service. If you by a $50 Cuisinart, when it dies in 4 years (no mention of inferior flavor during those days) you will toss it. Baratza has real people you can talk to who will diagnose what you need and will always have parts available for you to fix it, and/or they have a repair program.

    An entry-level grinder will most likely make you happy. But at the end of the day, it may not, and I'm of the persuasion that I'd rather spend more up front and end up spending less per year in the long run.
    I totally agree with this, with the exception of the $50 Cuisinart lasting or you tolerating it up to 4 years. The cheaper grinders are nothing more than steel plates with a few nubs that spin at high speed and pulverize the coffee into shreds with lots of particle inconsistency. I've had the Capresso Infinity and it is fantastic for the money, but the grind retention is an issue. Not so much for coarser grinds, but for espresso range it became an issue. Baratza has came a long way on the conical mills and of course their customer service is flawless, which can't be said for most of the snobby coffee industry. Trust me on that, albeit it for home or commercial use. Baratza continues to make improvements along the way and offer support years down the road. If I were to buy another grinder it would without a doubt be from them.

    If you don't want to spend $100-150 for a decent conical burr grinder at least invest in a good hand mill if you're OK with a bit of manual labor as most decent hand mills will grind on par with the better electrics. Some are newer with ceramic burrs, but there are lots of older mills that use tool steel conical burrs with infinite adjustment that will grind on par with grinders costing $500+. I have a 55+ year old KyM Turkish style copper mill with a solid set of conicals/spring loaded infinite adjustment and it will grind with the best I've had at home or commercially, especially in the espresso range.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadow745 View Post
    Then utilize my handy dandy flux capacitor synthesized spectrometer to ensure particle consistency within .5~ microns.
    Yes, you need a special spectrometer here to check the content just in case. I use the spectrometer myself at work, we determine the presence of some heavy metals in various things. It helps a lot, about half a year ago we bought a whole batch of portable spectrometers. You can look at them, too, at Elvatech LTD , and I think that you won't have any problems with selection and you can read the details just as you would with such a spectrometer. I am very glad that I was able to find the spectrometer. Good luck.
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    A burr grinder is the single best thing you can buy to elevate the taste of the coffee you are drinking. No matter what brew method you use, grinding your beans fresh just before brewing will yield a better cup of coffee. Just make sure the beans themselves are also fresh. You want to buy beans that were roasted not long before you bought them. Beans generally can be considered fresh up to about a month from the roast date. So i buy enough that will last me a month at a time.
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    Hey, I'm new here, and also, recently, I started to understand what does it mean coffee. Do you have any advice for me?


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