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    Espresso's Not As Good With My New Machine

    I just purchased a new DeLonghi EC155 after previously using an EC155 for about 10 years. While not the best espresso maker, it made a consistently flavorful cup of espresso. Unfortunately, I didn't keep up with regular descaling, and the machine got to the point where there wasn't enough pressure anymore, so I bought a new one (after trying descaling the old one).

    I found with the new one, though, that the flavor's not as good, though it's the same machine. The espresso seems "flat," and doesn't have the same complex flavors that it had with my old machine. It also gets bitter after a short amount of time.

    I found a long time ago that I liked Starbucks' French Roast for espresso, rather than Espresso Roast (French Roast is darker and a bit smoother). And, because my machine couldn't handle espresso grind, I've been using regular grind (though I know it's way coarser than what espresso's supposed to be).

    So the result was an espresso that was not as strong as normal espresso; but, as I said, it had a lot of flavor, and I enjoyed it immensely. But now, same coffee and water with the new machine, it's not as good.

    I noticed with the old machine, it would brew 2 oz of espresso very quickly -- like about 5-7 seconds -- and with the new machine, it takes about 10-13 seconds to brew 2 oz. So that may be the reason for the difference in flavor. Still, 10-13 seconds seems like a more normal amount of time for espresso shots.

    I ran water through the machine initially, and have brewed about 6 oz of espresso so far. Yet the flavor's still not good.

    Any thoughts or ideas about this? I was really happy before.



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    I should note that my original times of 5-7 seconds with the old machine and 10-13 seconds with the new machine were probably way off.

    First, I was counting from the time the espresso first started to pour down, not from the time I flipped the brew switch.

    Second, I was guestimating in my head based on recollection (not a good thing to do). So, I just ran 2 oz of espresso through the new machine using a stopwatch, instead of guessing. Here's what I got:

    Time from start of brew (turning switch) until espresso starts to come out: 6 seconds.
    Time from start of brew (turning switch) until espresso reaches 2 oz mark: 21 seconds.

    So that seems a little more in line with what it should be. Sorry about the misinformation originally.

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    Grind it finer . Shoot between 20-30 seconds . Weight applied should not be over 50 lbs . Why dont you use a good espresso filter ?



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