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    Breville BES860 grinder question

    Our Breville 860 espresso machine seems to only dispense about 1/4 of the grinds that we expect it to into the porta-filter. (We bought it second hand via eBay) We expect that when we trigger the grinder by pushing the portafilter in that it should at least fill the filter if not pile grinds a few inches high that are then tamped down. We have to trigger the grinder 4 times or so to get that amount. Are our expectations correct? We have completely cleaned it out and tried grinding on every amount setting. If the machine is not grinding correctly, do you have suggestions what we can try? Is there a key part replacement that would take care of the problem?

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    Have you tried simply pushing the portafilter in and holding it in until you see the desired amount in the portafilter basket? You should be able to bypass the autofill feature by doing this. As far as having tried every grind quantity setting, that sounds like something not working in the machine. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any DIY options to fix that. You might try contacting Breville by phone or text to see if they have any suggestions (via their Brevilleusa website, assuming you're in the U.S.)



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