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    Meanwhile, timing the shot involves noting how many seconds elapse from button push until flow begins and how long the extraction lasts (without stopping it manually). For example, if flow doesn't start until more than 8 seconds and the shot lasts more than 40 seconds, that's over extraction. If the flow begins after 4-7 seconds and lasts for 25-35 seconds before stopping on its own, that a good one. Under extraction sees flow after just 1-3 seconds and runs only up to 20 seconds before ending.
    So, I was mistaken to imply that manually stopping a shot can improve taste. Rather, over or under extraction are corrected by adjusting grind size, grind volume, tamping in the portafilter basket and bean freshness. I've discovered that bean freshness is critical to taste.

    I agree fresh beans make all the difference, my grinder conked out the other day, I have had to buy pre ground coffee, and I can manage to get an okay tasting espresso, but no where near as nice as when using freshley ground beans. I have to be more carfeful with the tamping, and filling of the basket, to get just a mediocre good result

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    Why my breville 870 very low pressure after i used 4kg coffee before it's fine? anyone can help me idear


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