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    C.M.A SAE 2N help needed

    I have a customer whose (PieceOfSht) 2 group C.M.A SAE 2N is dead. It has power going to the element's top two posts( where the power leads attach) the VAC=240, when I test the two bottom posts that are bridged, to the top posts: I get no voltage.

    Also the relay box is distorted from heat, Yesterday the barista entered the stand and it was full of steam. NOw when powerd up; the pump works but the element is not heatting up, also the auto fill is working.

    Any ideas? or is there a tech in the house? hehe thanks
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    Check to see if there is a reset breaker in between the circuit, some are just a little red button on a white block. If that doesn't work, ohm the element with a multimeter. Make sure you disconnect the power from the element itself. If you get no continuity or you get really high ohm's 150 to couple of thousand your element could be bad.
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