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    Two things:
    1) I make coffee for the guys who cut my lawn. It's part of my Saturday morning routine. I probably got in the habit because my wife doesn't drink coffee and I like to enjoy it with somebody, but now it's something I look forward to on Saturdays and I'd venture to guess they look forward to it, too. They get an awesome cup of coffee and a quick break. When I do this, I use a standard glass Bodum.

    2) My other French press comment is that I purchased a Bodum with a glass carafe but a plastic "basket" and top - it's great for camping! It's always easy to heat up water, right? But if you just grind some beans and put them in a zip lock baggie you'll have prime coffee around the campfire. My friends make fun of me, but they're in line for my coffee vs. the instant stuff they bring

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    i currently am using a stainless steel Frieling press. This is more convenient and practical

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    Me too use a Bodium French Press for my everyday cuppas! For the cleaning part, I usually fill the used coffee powder in French Press with cold water, and water plants in my garden.

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    I am only using an Aeropress, it's very convenient to use and I can bring it at the office.


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