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    Hi, I'm Sheila M. Miller. I seen your post yesterday. I think a coffee lover needs to a coffee maker. It will be more easier and save the time. I have more ideas about coffee maker. The price is reasonable and its vary the quality of a machine and materials. You can easily make 12 cups of coffee at a time if u needed. Total machine are made by stainless steel. The price is reasonable, I think it will be $150. So let me know what you have needed.


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    My $.02:

    1) A Keurig will not advance your knowledge of or appreciation for coffee. I had one for a short time and it certainly was convenient in a small office with people who liked different things, but once I got one at home I was suddenly aware of how mediocre (and worse) every cup of coffee was compared to coffee from my standard drip machine. You can't learn about how you like it made, and you can't appreciate the difference between coffees with a Keurig. It's kinda like using a Hostess vending machine to learn to appreciate baked goods.

    2) A French press is a great idea. You'll learn a lot about how coffee is made, and it's a cheap way to go. The downside is that it is very labor-intensive compared with automatic machines. You'll love it at first, but you may tire of the time it takes to make a cup. I have one and I love it. I use it sometimes at home and it's awesome for camping, but both preparation and clean-up are more time-intensive than other methods.

    3) Any decent drip machine with a cone filter will give you pretty consistent results and will allow you to advance in your knowledge and appreciation of coffee. I had a pretty basic Braun machine for many, many years. It served me faithfully and made solid coffee...

    4)...HOWEVER, I recently bought a Technivorm Moccamaster and it is rocking my world. Never had better coffee at home. Every coffee I am familiar with is brighter and has a cleaner finish in this machine. Handmade in the Netherlands, It's about $300, which is about as much as you can pay for a drip/pour over machine (unless there are some exotic machines I'm not aware of), but to me it is completely worth it. Simple to use, easy to clean, fun to watch and beautiful on the counter, I absolutely love it. The heating element is top notch and it delivers consistently heated water to your grounds. I am thoroughly enjoying trying different coffees now that I know I have a coffee maker that will show each in its best light.

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    It really depends on what type of lifestyle you live. Having a Keurig machine will be a quick way for you get your daily morning cup of coffee. If you time to learn, getting a small espresso machine might be a good idea. It allows you to make a wide selection of espresso drinks. A french press is also a good alternative. But you have to let it sit for at least 5 minutes for the coffee beans to turn the water into a good tasting coffee. There are lots of espresso machines on the market as well if that is what you are looking for. I would recommend looking for an automatic espresso machine these are typically the easiest ones to use.
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    Buying a separate grinder and a machine usually costs a little more than simply buying an automatic espressomachine with a built-in grinder. Having a separate grinder can allow you to mess with different grinds, so you can find the best option. But there are some automatic machines that will also allow you to adjust the grind.

    I came across some top 6 commercial espresso machines you can visit here if you want one
    Commercial Espresso Machines
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    My advice would be: avoid the Keurigs altogether, and go with a pod coffee maker. Two main reasons: coffees I've had from every Keurig's machine I've used (a few models, from this amazing list) ALL taste weak and thin (regardless of coffee volume selected), except for a couple of extra-bold varieties (Sumatra was one, forget the brand), which were barely passable. And those stupid k-cups take up a lot of room to store. Silly design.

    OTOH, the pod machines make a much better cup of joe in my experience. There are several levels of machines to choose from,and a huge variety of pods. The pods are flat and easy to store (imagine that!) in individual foil packets
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    If budget persists, have a clever brewer, a good burr grinder and also a coffee machine. There will be sometimes when you don't want to do the manual work so consider adding some good drip coffee maker to your coffee collection. Good grinder is suggested as it decides the raw material.


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