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    Post Saeco Italia SUP021 YR Help Please!!

    I have a Saeco SUP021 YR that I purchased from Starbucks about 11 years ago. I didn't use it very much before I moved and the machine has been packed away and in storage for about 10 years. I unpacked it this week and it will not prime. Apparently this machine primes automatically so I can't do it manually. When you turn the machine the green single and double shot lights are flashing and the red water light flashes. When you turn the steam/water dial the machines make the "I'm ready to work noises", but nothing comes out of the steam wand. If I remove the water tank to attempt to manually prime the machine the red light stops flashing, but when I turn the steam/water dial nothing happens, no noise. I thought maybe there may be milk clogging the steam wand so I filled a tall cup with boiling water and soaked the wand in the water for approx 10 minutes but still no steam. Any other suggestions out there?
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    I can tell you that when I left my Magic Espresso idle for a year, I had to remove the cover and forcefully prime the unit. Has worked great ever since.



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