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Thread: Overflow Issue

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    Overflow Issue

    I have a Laranzato 2 groups and when I make my coffee the boiler is overflowing and safety valve is taking the water outside through milk steamer if I try to use it. Please give me a suggestion on how should I fix it or what could be the problem. Thanks!

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    This may be your problem. Calcification on the water filler probe. If you decide to check it yourself.
    Make sure the probe is reset in the tank to it's original depth. I am not a technician, just backyard dabbler.
    I have an Astoria machine that had the same issue.

    Check this out.

    The first component inside the machine that water contacts in order to initiate the filling process is the auto-fill or water level probe. This probe is most often the culprit in many espresso machine auto-fill circuit failures. Being aware of where this part is located and how it works can save you hundreds of dollars in repair and service costs. There are two symptoms that can indicate that the probe may be at fault, and as it is the first component in the circuit, it remains the first part to inspect. In most auto-fill circuit failures, the machine decides to overfill. Or, it decides to not fill at all. In either of these instances you will check the probe.

    To locate the auto-fill probe on your espresso machine, turn off the power and release all steam pressure by opening the steam valve(s). Remove the top panels of your machine to expose the boiler (some machines require the removal of a cup heating tube to remove the top panels). At this point you will decide if any of the side panels need to be removed as well. Inspect the top of the boiler for a single wire (usually green) attached to a stainless steel probe that is inserted into white plastic sleeve that passes through a fitting into the boiler. On some machines (Simonelli) it is located on the side of the boiler. On other manufactures, it is installed in the top of the sight glass assembly. A short side note here: if your probe is in your sight glass, this should be removed and replaced with your anti-vaccuum valve, and installed into the (now empty) fitting on the top of the boiler. You never, ever want the probe to sense the water in the level glass: the supply tube at the bottom can get full of sediment, trapping water in the level glass and giving the probe (and the user) a false water level indication.

    Once you have located the probe, note the location of the probe with regards to its height and angle from the top or side of the boiler or sight glass this will ensure that your machine fills to the correct level upon replacement. Remove the wire and loosen the top nut of the probe assembly this will allow you to remove them probe from the boiler or sight glass. As you remove the probe the white PTFE sleeve that surrounds the probe will also come out. After removal you may see mineral scale build up on the end of the probe, this is the cause of refill failure if the probe cannot detect water the pump will either not shut off, causing the boiler to overfill or not come on causing, yep, the worst case catastrophe, element melt down. Removing the scale is as easy as sanding the probe with some emery cloth or use a small file to clean its surface. Once you've removed all traces of mineral scale, replace the probe and tighten the top nut. Reattach the wire to the probe. - See more at:



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