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    Newbie first time espresso machine

    Greetings all coffee lovers and fellow forumers,

    I am a newbie in coffee espresso machine related and I would like to ask some tips and guidance what kind of espresso machine that you would choose and why?
    I have zero knowledge regarding espresso machine and I would like to buy one for more girlfriend.

    Recently, I had visit website: commercial espresso machines

    and it shows several types of the espresso machine.

    I would like to ask if espresso machine that shown on the website are good? Can I get the same espresso machine or another alternative more cheaper?
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    wow thats cool i will try this

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    la Pavoni and Nuova Simonelli are pretty big names in the espresso world. What machine you get would depend on your budget. A good quality grinder is essential to go with a good espresso machine.

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    Those are some cool machines. I would suggest creating a budget this will help down narrow down your options. Also, keep in mind that there are many different types of machines that are out there. I would suggest a super automatic or automatic espresso machine since these will be the easiest ones for you to use.



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