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    Saeco Incanto HD8914 - Adjusting the grinder

    I'm trying to figure out the correct way to adjust the grinder setting for the Saeco Incanto. In the user manual for the Incanto HD8914, it says the following:

    Note: You can only adjust the grind settings when the machine is grindingcoffee beans.
    1 Place a cup under the coffee dispensing spout.
    2 Open the lid of the bean hopper.
    3 Press the ESPRESSO button.
    4 When the grinder starts grinding, press down the grind setting knob andturn it to the left or right.

    However, if I follow these steps exactly, when I reach step#3 (press the espresso button), I get an error message instructing me to close the bean hopper. The error message has a countdown, and if I let it reach zero, it aborts the espresso shot. If I close the hopper, it starts grinding... meaning I'd have to quickly open it, insert the grind settings knob, and adjust. On the other hand, I've found that I can make adjustments to the grinder simply by inserting the adjustment know, pushing down and turning, when the grinder is not grinding anything. The manual clearly says "You can only adjust the grind settings when the machine is grinding coffee beans." but that's not the case, though I'm worried making the adjustment while the grinder isn't doing anything (though I'm certainly not using any sort of excessive force, it seems to press and turn naturally) might damage something, or not actually make any adjustments. Am I missing something, or is the manual simply incorrect or outdated?

    Also, I'm curious what grinder setting others have typically been using with this machine. It has 5 settings, factory was the middle (3) but I've adjusted to the finest setting (smallest dot) and didn't really notice much difference in my espresso shot or the duration it took the shot to pour. Realize it depends on the bean, but just curious what others have been using in general and how much of a difference you noticed?



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