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    WMF Software... please help!

    Does anyone have any wmf software please?i'm trying to get hold of software for almost a year now ...and no one seems to share ... does anyone know were to find it?please ... i had KonfigTool and another one but i can't remember the name and my laptop HDD got fried and now i can't find the software anywere ...
    please help.

    P.S. Sorry if i posted in the wrong section...

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    Hi there
    I also would be very happy if you send me KonfigTool


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    please share any info when you get it to work, how you did it and what you did. cables, tech etc.

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    Someone can help with software for other WMF machines? Software for Prestos checked and work great.

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    Konfigtool for Presto is working great. I can upgrade firmware and configure each product directly. I can change maintenance settings.
    I am looking for Konfigtool for Bistro! 8400.

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    Interestingly, thanks a lot for making some points clear. What about backing up personal data? How to do it as successfully as possible?



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