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    Need help from drip to Kalita Wave 185 brewing


    I am new around here looking for brewing advice for the Kalita Wave 185. We currently use a cheaper drip coffee maker and have it dialed in great. I just need some advice to transition to this type of maker. I have searched here and the interwebs and have not found the answers to my questions. I am hoping some of you can help out.

    Current method:

    Drip/cone maker
    2 oz/56g freshly burr ground coffee
    25oz/740ml filtered water

    As you can see we like our coffee a bit on the strong side. This method gives us around 22oz of brewed coffee total. So that is what I would like to produce in one brew cycle from the Kalita.

    All of the guides and videos show only about 30g of coffee is added to the Wave. So is there a way to achieve 22oz of strongly brewed coffee with only one cycle with the 185 wave? If so, how would it be done?

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    I have the smaller Kalita.... but per their website for the larger 185 they recommend 26-45 grams. Adjust as needed...



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