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    Quick Mill 0810 pump issue troubleshooting


    Yesterday I came into a beautiful Quick Mill 0810 and got it home and plugged it in to give it a shot. Initially the pump ran and I ran it just for a short interval, but dry. I primed the pump with a syringe and now the pump isn't running at all. Is it likely just a bad pump that needs replacing, or am I missing other possible issues that could cause that? For what it's worth, the pump sounded very faint and quiet when it ran at first.

    I'm not well versed in espresso machines, so I appreciate any help. Attaching a photo of the machine and one with it's skull cracked open
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Quick Mill 0810 pump issue troubleshooting-img_0008.jpg   Quick Mill 0810 pump issue troubleshooting-img_0009.jpg  

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    Update: It was a voltage issue! I didn't realize the unit is wired for 220v from it's motherland's system in Italy. I used a step up transformer and it is working better. Just have to descale/clean the grouphead.

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    Good to hear... QM makes some good machines. That appears to have a thermo coil/block heating system instead of a boiler. Yeah the first thing I do with a used machine is a good descale/cleaning as you just never know how something was maintained.



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