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    Help with pourover issues. Constantly needing to extract more


    I have tried so many different things but can't seem to fix my issue. *I am consistently in the lower left of the barista hustle coffee compass. *Always getting a weak, quick finish, tea like cup of coffee. *Here is my specs. *Any help is appreciated. *Thanks!!

    Handground grinder. *Using setting 2.5 (started with 3.5 and keep going finer)
    Beehouse dripper with #4 filter
    Using 32grams of coffee for 505grams of water
    Using 25-28 grams of coffee for 405grams of water
    Water temp is good, boiling it then sitting for 15-20 seconds
    Using 40-50gram pulses of water every 5-6 seconds until I hit my water weight

    Thanks again!!

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    Increase your coffee amount and/or grind are your two options...

    Here is a good guide for grind size:
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    How long does entire brew cycle take?

    I think you need to pour slower. Longer contact time with water.
    I like 40-50 gram slow(er) pours...see how long it takes to make it into the cup, entire process should be close to 4 minutes (not including the initial wetting)... a bit more at that volume.

    So, wet the coffee with 30 grams... let it rest about 30 seconds and saturate.. then start your first pour after that, don't rush. If anything, you need to grind coarser and have more control over your water.
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