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    What concerns Hario grinders, the quality of these little friends is pretty good. They do not cost an earth, grind coffee very well and are made from high quality materials.
    For instance, coffee bean grinder Hario “Olive wood” is a really comfortable tool to reach the highest quality ground coffee results. Ceramic grinder burr is durable and long-lasting.
    Ground coffee tank is coated with an olive tree wood layer. The capacity of ground coffee container is 30 grams. Grinding level can be easily adjusted with a special nut. What is more, this coffee bean grinder's maintenance is very simple. Ground coffee tank is easily removable, which makes it possible to clean it thoroughly.

    On the other hand, De'Longhi automatic coffee grinders seem to be a smart choice. For instance, coffee grinder De'Longhi "KG89" costs only around
    59,00 GBP, but it has a lot to offer.This millstone coffee grinder would become a trusted helper in a kitchen. You only need to add beans, choose your preferred grinding levels (depends on the coffee preparation), set desired amount from 2 to 12 cups and press a button. In a few moments you will feel enchanting coffee aroma! Furthermore, this grinder is very safe to use because it has a special “Dual Safe” system – it turns off automatically once you take out beans or grounds container.

    Hope this information will help You choose the best grinder to satisfy Your needs!

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    I choose burr coffee grinders over blade ones. Some of my favorite affordable burr coffee grinders are Capresso Infinity, Baratza Encore and Bodum Bistro.


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