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    Can both Coffee & Cocoa roast in a same Roaster ?

    Dear Forum Members,

    Greetings !!

    I am new on Coffee Forum. Can any one tell me that both coffee & cocoa can roast in a same roaster machine ??

    Have a good day.

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    Not likely unless you want to ruin a dedicated roaster.
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    Typically cocoa is roasted at lower temps and slower drum speed than the average coffee roaster. I've heard of some people using it for both but most use dedicated machines for each product.

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    In est in a Behmoor 1600 for roasting cacao. Does a nice job on a small scale. Under 300.00
    go to Chocolate Alchemy and watch his videos and subscribe to his mailing its.
    My coffee roaster has a speed control and I have roasted a couple of batches of cacao weans without hurting anything. But it is a different process as Musicphan said. Slower rotation and low heat. JMO
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    Fluid bed roasters can do cacao easily. I've never done it, but I here it involves lower temps and longer roast times.

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    I dabbled in home bean to bar chocolate; and remember there being some health risks related to raw Cacao bean. For example: if you inadvertently stored roasted coffee in a big that had previously held raw Cacao, it would establish a cross-contamination vector.

    On a commercial scale one would have to have an established protocol to mitigate the risks. Local health departments might also frown on the practice if they became aware of potential health risks.

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    Until recently, roasting cacao and coffee on the same machine has not been a simple ordeal. Besca Roasters accomplish this feat by using an advanced control system that gives the Roaster complete control. By slowing the drum rotation, adjusting the flame intensity, and increasing air flow, Cacao can be easily and consistently roasted on the same machine that was just producing coffee. PM me or check out our website if you are interested in learning more about our roasters.

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    I know folks who have done it without any issues. Apparently, it's a lot easier to roast cocoa compared to coffee. Personally, I wouldn't mind doing it in my own roaster, I'd just make sure to clean the drum after.



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