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    how to sort coffee bean instead of hand picking?

    Sorting by Color. The final step in the cleaning and sorting procedure is called color sorting, or separating defective beans from sound beans on the basis of color rather than density or size. Color sorting is the trickiest and perhaps most important of all the steps in sorting and cleaning.
    Color Sorting by Machine. Sophisticated machines now can mimic the human eye and hand. Streams of beans fall rapidly, one at a time, past sensors that are set according to parameters that identify defective beans by value (dark to light) or by color. A tiny, decisive puff of compressed air pops each defective bean out of the stream of sound beans the instant the machine detects an anomaly.
    we are manufacturer of coffee optical sorter

    how to sort coffee bean instead of hand picking?-coffee-optical-sorting.jpg
    also you could check the sorting video on youtube:
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    anyone interested?



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