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    Need Help: WMF PRESTO 1400 screen not working


    I have a problem with my WMF PRESTO 1400: the screen is no longer working properly.
    I accidentally unplugged the coffee machine while it was in the middle of the cleaning process.
    Since then, I got a message on the screen: "Use this button when you want to turn on the machine" and there's an arrow pointing to the Power button.
    When I turn it on, the machine is working just fine, except I can't use the screen - it is not responding to any of my commands.
    I want to mention that I used the WMF konfigtool to make the latest updates so I don't think this is a software issue.

    The only moment the screen is working for a short period of time is when I remove and put back the small round battery located on the motherboard.

    Can someone please help me with this?

    Thank you!

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    I had that problem too, but i just got a new battery, turned it off and on, and it worked fine after that.

    You said that you have the konfigtool and got i working, whats your setup?
    I have the KonfigTool too but im having problem getting it to work.
    I use Laptop Windows 7 -> USB to Serial adapter -> front panel

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    Turn off the machine, try replacing the battery and turn on. See if it works?



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