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    Funny story. First time I used it was great. I followed the instructions perfectly. I was in my kitchen and it was New years Eve of 2016/2017. We had company over and all espresso to start the night off. We switched to harder drinks from there. That was early around 7pm. Around midnight I was ready for another espresso. I thought I did every thing the same as earlier. I forgot one important thing. To release the pressure. I went to clear the port-a-filter and BOOM! It sounded like a gun went off! I looked down and I had a black line of coffee grounds on my shirt. Then I realized that it had shot a thin line of coffee grounds in a 360 degrees. Over a year later I still find a small bits of coffee on the walls. My wife was not
    LMAO that's a great story, it reminds me of the movies when the bank robbers open the bag of loot with the dye and it goes EVERYWHERE, that's great. Does the pot still work after your lovely new years gift?


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