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    Buying an espresso machine

    I want to buy a new espresso machine for my coffee shop. Can you suggest some good ones that are commercially promising? Is Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker a good one?

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    Sorry no... Hamilton Beach is consumer grade. The espresso machine is the heart of the cafe so you will need to invest in a good machine. Your typically looking to spend $5K - 12K depending on your volume.

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    What are you using now or do you not yet offer espresso? It can be a pricey game to get into. They can range used from $900 to over $25,000. What kind of volume are you looking at? You will need to invest in a good espresso grinder as well. What is your current shop like?
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    Hi Katie, First of all congratulations for making a decision to serve people via cafe. It's a great feeling when people come to taste your coffee, especially when it's a repeat customer.
    To help you more, we should first know about some expected volume of drinks? Is it a small cafe or some professional one?

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    Look at used equipment on craigslist; multiple cafes/restaurants close every year so you should be able to get professional gear at a reasonable price. Once you see something in your price range, you can always ask "Is X a good espresso machine (or is Y a good grinder) for a cafe and is it a good value at $Z if it's used?" in here. Easier to answer a question about a specific product.

    And something like a DeLonghi will simply not prepare the quality of milk drinks you'll need in a commercial environment. You won't be saving money, as you'd need to replace it almost immediately. You need to be looking at a decent used HX machine (or something more commerically oriented like the Gaggia TS, ugly as it is and a Mazzer Super Jolly grinder (maybe two to cover decaf orders) as a bare minimum.
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    There is a fully automatic coffee machine called Eversys, they are not cheap but they are making coffee like no other coffee machine.
    If you set it properly up with good coffee and good milk by professional barista and good technician you will be on your way to success.

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    I am currently on my second Delonghi Magnifica the first one I bought used in China(it had been lightly used for about a year by the previous owners) for around $700 (imported machines were extremely expensive there) and used for 3-6 cups of coffee almost daily from 2009-2016. We left it in China because it runs on 220v. The current one is a refurbished unit I got off Craigslist for $325 .I had some issues with error messages about a month in, but took to Seattle Coffee Gear and the tech told me it was because I had been using beans that had too much oil, which gunks up the insides. He helped me clean it out and reset it, and I switched to Lavazza beans (these machines do best with Italian roast-- I find Lavazza Crema Suprema beans to be dark enough for my tastes) and it has been working fabulously since. There are a lot of useful videos on this topic on Youtube, I will leave here one of them, as many often have similar questions. Good Luck.
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    Do you have a limited budget? Visit some cafe, you will see what machines they are using.



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