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Thread: Filter ?

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    Filter ?

    Hi everyone !

    This is my first post, I have just registered! Can someone tell me how a filter is used in making a cup of coffee? It is hardware by the looks of it,(not the paper item used in making filter coffee). I am on a learning curve and cannot remember reading about this or seeing one so I hope someone can tell me about it .

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    Most filters are paper based that you insert into a filter basket. There are a few 'resusable' filters on the market that are metal .. basically trying to emulate the paper filter. I think its called a Kone filter... (or the brand is Kone).

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    Thank you but I don't think that's it, i'll get further info' and hopefully get back. 'Bye for now..

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    I have sold these in the past...people who bought them love them.
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    Is it a coffee filter or water filter?

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    If you need help choosing a filter for your coffee shop, you can contact high water standard. Here is their site - ! They have been on the market for 15 years and have installed a huge number of water treatment systems throughout NY, so they can advise you on the choice of a filter if necessary. You don't have to buy a filter from them. I think this consultation will be useful for you. You will understand what water purification system you need and why.
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