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    HELP PLEASE: Saeco Magic Deluxe, some buttons not responsive

    My machine looks like this: HELP PLEASE:  Saeco Magic Deluxe, some buttons not responsive-img187.jpg

    The left column of 3 buttons each trigger a brew. My top one has stopped responding. My 2nd and 3rd sometimes both work, although they may need to be massaged a bit. Sometimes one or the other off those two don't work. I can put up with that. A button that does not work can start again a day or two later.

    Any suggestions or comments? Is the button area easy enough to access to maybe clean the elastomer buttons? I have thought of squirting some distilled water on them, and then sucking with a wet-dry vacuum cleaner.


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    The last of the working brew buttons stopped responding. I went inside and tried various things. I find that the 7 little surface mount (SMD) switches have very high resistance when pressed... mostly over 20 megohms. I have ordered some cheap ones slow boat. So I am leaving it a part for a while until I can solder those in to fix it. If that does not do it, I will need to move to something else.

    I think the switches deteriorated over time. There is no residue or other indication that I might have spilled something to contribute to the deterioration.



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