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    Question Frequency and difficulty of changing flat burrs in grinders

    As a complete coffee noob, I would like to get a feel for the general consensus on the burr changing process. Does anyone who uses a grinder on a daily basis have any issues with the time and/or difficulty of changing the burrs? This would probably be directed more towards those who grind on a retail/commercial level, but maybe those single dose grinders at home as well. Is it important to be able to disassemble and clean and/or change your burrs quickly?

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    Honestly the burrs used in 'good' grinders will last most average users a lifetime or close to it. Most being hardened steel they will easily grind hundreds of pounds on average and last YEARS (possibly decades) under normal home use. I'd see no need to rush the process of changing them for home or commercial use. Take your time, do it right and you will only need to do it once.
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    I've changed burrs in my Mazzer espesso grinder as well as Bunn G series. All pretty easy - but it depends on how clean they have been kept. If the oils build up and get old it can become like glue.

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    Echoing what was said above, you don't really need to worry about changing the burrs. Chances are you'll want to get a new grinder before you NEED to change them anyway! But on the commercial level, it's more something to worry about.

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    You should think about it after 300-500 kilos of coffee. For most home users that can take 5-10 years.



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