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    Help Please: Breville Barista Expresse - water is shutting down at around 15 seconds

    I received my Braville barista express a couple days ago and felt I had a good handle of the machine based on the hours of videos I watched.

    The main problem Iím having is I will get the pressure bar in The Sweet Spot, but my water is shutting down at around 15 seconds, and I know the goal is to shoot between 20 25 seconds. If Iím getting the pressure bar exactly where it needs to be, why is the shot stopping nearly 10 seconds to soon, thus producing much less in terms of volume? The pour looks good, but Itís just shutting down too soon.

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    I will do a bit of research on that particular machine, but it sounds as if it might have volumetric control, which means it will dispense a certain amount of water and stop extracting automatically. If that machine has that capability you can either change the time/volume or just override and control manually.
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