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    Anybody familiar with the Sözen Turkish grinders?

    To kill two birds with the one stone I'll both introduce myself and ask a question!

    I'm a Turkish coffee fan with a passing interest in other brews (I've no connection to Turkey other than having been there once, but I love everything about the process of making it and my daily method is brewing using the Arzum Okkia Minnio that I bought while I was there).

    I'm currently exploring the Sözen Turkish hand grinder that I bought last year and hasn't seen much use in the interim (I'm abroad at the moment so don't have my automated maker on hand).

    I was wondering whether anybody knows what the two screws on the lower half of the body are supposed to do - and whether using the hand crank to adjust the central core is the correct method to make small adjustments to the grind size (or whether it should be kept firmly closed).

    Screws on side of body: -img_20190102_082303.jpg

    Thanks in advance if anybody knows what these are supposed to do - and looking forward to becoming an active member here!|



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