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    KRUPS EA9010 Use & Repair

    I have been using this machine for a couple of years now. It runs completely trouble free for one year before the detergent pump broke. I tried to find some repair information online to no avail. I couldn't find this model here either.

    So I think maybe I can start a thread here just for the use and repair of this model. It could help users of other Krups models since they may share same parts.

    First of all, you can buy this model from Europe much cheaper (half price). You can also use it in US directly without a transformer since most houses in US have 240VAC power. You only need to make a special 240VAC outlet on the wall. Since I already have 240VAC outlet under the kitchen cook-top (for electrical cook-tops), I made an extension from there to where I want it on the wall and installed a 240VAC outlet. Since it's a special outlet, you can't plug regular 120V appliances into it by accident.

    Second of all, it's cheaper to buy its parts in US. The only problem is if they don't have it in stock, like this detergent pump, they have to order it from Europe. It may take longer but still cheaper. I ordered the pump this way.

    It's not very easy to figure out how to open it. I finally did it and replaced the pump. Now it runs as good as before.

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    After it runs for a couple of weeks, I found one more problem: during rinse cycle at the beginning of coffee making, used water is not going into the cup, but goes into the used coffee bin and dripping from the bottom too. So I opened it up again and found the O-rings on the coffee compressor piston are worn out, one of them even broken into pieces. They are metric O-rings: 42mm OD/35mm ID/3.5mm CS and I assume have to be FDA approved food grade. Since I need coffee and don't want to wait for the right parts, I installed two standard ones: 1 9/16" OD, 1 5/16" ID, and 1/8" CS temporarily instead. It works just fine now.

    I am looking for better O-rings now. Since I use it couple of times a day and it broke in about 2 years, I don't think those O-rings are of good quality so I don't want to replace them with original parts from Krups anymore.



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