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    Bunn Tiger M 2 bean to cup automatic (Thermoplan?)

    Hi. I'm new, been lurking a bit and have read a few posts on other topics and see how helpful people are in offering advice. Hoping someone can help me or atleast point me in the right direction please.

    I recently acquired a commercial Bunn Tiger M2 bean to cup automatic espresso machine. I'm trying to locate a manual and possibly some parts in the future. I tried all the normal channels, checked the Bunn website, called Bunn technical, called Bunn espresso help, called Bunn parts hotline and none of them can help me. It's apparently discontinued by Bunn. However, I believe this machine is identical to the Thermoplan Tiger and it was made by Thermoplan and only sold under the Bunn name. Can anyone confirm?

    Does anyone here have any experience with these machines? I'm hitting a brick wall.

    Any help you can offer will be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Ok, I'm here talking to myself but I know its frustrating to see a question posed and then never a followup so I'll post for future reference.

    After getting no where with Bunn, I smartened up and contacted Thermoplan via email. I received a prompt response:

    Yes, this is a Thermoplan machine that was made for Bunn. Peter, the US contact, was extremely helpful. He sent me a manual and cleaning diagram for a similar machine based on the basic info I had given him in my original question, as well as offering more detailed help if I provide a few numbers off the machine. Nice customer service!

    So my question is solved, I'll leave it here anyway.

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    Hi TracyG,

    I'm glad to hear that things worked out and you were able to get good customer service from Thermoplan.

    Since the title of this thread doesn't show that you needed help, I have a feeling many people just skipped over it, and didn't read it.

    Thanks for posting the follow-up and letting us know what you discovered. I'm glad it worked out okay for you.

    ~ Rose



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