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    Help Please: Jura Impressa E8 Error 8 message

    I have a Jura Impressa E8 machine. The machine stopped during a cleaning. The coffee scrapper was in part way down when it stopped. I took apart the machine, cleaned it and put it back together again. Now it sounds like the grinder is stuck at the top of the machine and makes a loud ratcheting noise. Iím wondering if it isnít the brew unit or the encoder that went bad.

    Any thoughts?

    I donít want to purchase a part that is not causing the problem and the cost to send them in is very expensive. Iíve had the machine for 15 plus years and have always cleaned and took care of it. There was no excess coffee grounds or discolored coffee anywhere in the machine when I cleaned it. Any ideas are appreciated.

    I hope I am able to repair the machine myself. I would also like to hear what others would recommend that I replace it with if I am unable to get it repaired. I would prefer a machine that works similar to the Jura, fill beans and add water, little cleanup.

    Thanks, Tom

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    I guess I'd recommend leaving the repair to the experts... either pay $300 to Jura to have your machine remanufactured, or buy one like this one and turn around and sell your machine as is... it will likely be about the same $300 delta...

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    Good ideas. I have found an article that tells you how to align the brew unit, something I didn't do properly the first time. I then opened the Jura up again, cleaned it all again, and set the brew unit in the proper "home" position. This time the machine did start up and sound like it was working correctly through the rinse cycle. Trying to make a cup of coffee did not go as expected. The machine brew unit starting the grinding noise again. I think it's time to either buy a new machine or chance the purchase of a new brew unit.



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