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    My issue with Baratza is their grinders are decent, but just made cheaply and rarely last a decent amount of time without something giving out. Almost like planned obsolescence... they are innovative and do offer good grind quality for the $, but the build quality suffers. They seem to rush bringing something new to the market and use failures to enhance the product for the future and some people might be fine with that, but not me. When I buy something I expect it to last years and perform like new for quite a long time and that is possible with some grinders, etc. For several years I had a Vario and it was updated with everything current up until that point and the grind quality was good, retention low, relatively fast, etc. Problem is over time the plastic parts wore down, consistency was starting to suffer, then plastic parts started giving me issues like the hopper cracking very easily where the microswitch was activated and a few other places as well. I made due with it until the circuit board went up in smoke. Baratza never offered to replace the board for me and even though it was only a $25 part and 15 mins. to swap it out myself I ended up giving the thing away to a forum member to use for parts. Thing wasn't worth that small amount for me to fix and continue using as it would be a matter of time before something else would give. Ended up going with a solid built grinder with nearly all metal construction and likely will outlive me.

    Granted, this topic is regarding grinders under $200... buying new it's tough to find something really good for that price unless you go with a quality hand grinder, but there are tons of solid used electric grinders floating around for that price range that will outlast 10 junk plastic grinders.
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