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    Pour Over Newbie

    I just bought a Fellow Stagg today and already have Harrio basket (what ever itís called), and the filters. I donít know how to do a pour over and I donít understand the whole ratio, time, and all other terminology that goes with pour over or coffee in general. I really need help to get started to make sure I get the best cup of coffee.

    BTW, I do have a Breville Smart Pro Grinder to grind coffee. What is the best coffee to use for pour over? I like Mexican sing origin coffee for espresso along with Keyna AA for pour overs when I order a pour over at my local cafes.

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    I think the only trick is to wet/soak the coffee first for about 30 seconds, some call it "let the coffee bloom". The coffee from this process taste plain/pale. But as long as you enjoy the process, that's all it matters.

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    Ratio's are simply a way to scale your coffee recipe up/down based on how much you want to brew. Most people use a 1:15 or 1:16 ratio - simply meaning 1 gram of coffee for every 15 or 16 grams of water. So if you're using a 1:15 ratio - for 25 grams of coffee you use 375 grams of water (25 grams x 15). Simply adjust your ratio slightly to taste... and this will adjust by the type and freshness of the coffee. You can use whatever you like...

    I find Blue Bottle has good instructions:



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