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    If you can fix/repair your own things, buying a broken one and fixing it could be an option. I recently bought a broken Jura Capresso-Impressa E8 on eBay. It's in pretty good condition but needs maintenance work. So I replaced all seals and grinder burr, now it works as good as new. It's automatic in making coffee, but need you to prepare your own froth and clean up all milk related hardware by yourself. So it's not as fully automatic as Krups EA 9010.
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    I have one of these superauto, has built in bean grinder, auto fill, auto tamp, pre-infusion stage and then as adjustable water amount and adjustable bean weight, built in steamer, which you turn on until it steams, then turn it off to place milk under and then turn back on, self cleaner to an extant as water flushes through head before and after. $516.00


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