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    In search of the perfect electric gooseneck kettle

    I purchased a Bean Envy gooseneck kettle and loved the way it pours. Flow is perfect and everything about it felt and looked perfect. But... I wanted an electric kettle that would heat to a specific temp and hold that temp. I purchased a Bonavita gooseneck and the temp control was excellent. I can set it wherever I want and it stays right there. Unfortunately, the moment I made my first pour with the Bonavita I didn't like it. The geometry of the gooseneck is such that a very slow, delicate pour is not possible. At low flow rates, the water dribbles down the gooseneck back towards the kettle. Does anyone know of an electric kettle that will heat and hold at a specified temperature (one or two degree increments at most) and yet pours cleanly at very low flow rates. Bean Envy does not offer an electric. Hario's electric simply boils water. Bonavita won't pour. What is the perfect electric gooseneck?

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