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    Possibly upgrading to a better espresso machine

    Currently I own a Mr coffee dual shot espresso machine with a 15 bar pressure system. It is pretty basic but I really enjoy using it. Eventually I would like to upgrade to a better machine but I donít know a lot about options. Looking at something around 300 or 400 $ price range, if my wife gives me the ok! What does everyone suggest?

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    I am a fan of this one but it runs a bit over 400 Breville - the Barista Express Espresso Machine with Integrated Grinder. You can get them at best buy. I bought one about 3 months ago and I am loving it. Good tasting espresso much like going to a Starbucks and no waiting!

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    FWIW manufacturers need to get over the stupid marketing hype when advertising things like a '15 bar whatever' as that's simply the absolute maximum pressure a vibe pump will generate, way more than is needed. What they need to focus on is a system that will give better flow rates/lower pressure instead of the lame restricted systems that just end up giving crappy/thin espresso. Of all the machines I've had with rotary and vibe pumps to a manual lever, I find actual functioning pressure around 8 bars to be quite awesome. I don't follow the idiotic 'standard 9 bar rule' as that means nothing compared to what ends up in my demitasse.

    Regarding Breville... they are innovative and give a lot for money, but the downside of that is lousy longevity and planned obsolescence. They will function well at first, but after a few years of typical regular use problems arise. They use parts that are far from quality and those parts are proprietary so in order to keep using the machine it has to be sent in for repair. If still under warranty it's covered, but usually this seems to happen just outside of that period and you either pay the piper or end up buying another machine. I personally invest in things that will last years to even decades and something I can fix any part of at any given time.
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