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    Wacaco Nanoespresso review - do we really need it when we are hiking?

    This is a Wacaco portable espresso gidget (no, excuse me. Gadget. but in this case, gidget might do) review from James.

    even before I saw this vid, i knew it wasn't going to be a great gadget for making espresso.
    how can it be? Specially when I am not even satisfied with my "Flair" at home.

    But James brings an interesting point, around 9 min mark.
    Do we really need this types of coffee gadgets when we can just take a great filtered / pour over / french press coffee from home in your thurmo?

    anyway, let me know what you think. And if there are better nano-sized portable espresso gidgets (gadgets), please share your experiences here.


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    I seriously look forward to my espresso every single day... anytime I'm not at home and want caffeine I grab an energy drink like Monster as that gives me the caffeine I need, has consistent taste, etc. That can't be said when trying to source coffee away from home whether you make it or buy it.
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    Yeah, if you want everything like home, stay at home!



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