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    more of between assumption vs perception.
    that happens every single day in our lives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhyCoffee View Post
    Yeah, if you are talking about belief (again).

    If you want to have a technical discussion, you have to provide data (which is not from God, BTW). Here is an example to compare Vickers hardness:

    Attachment 10240

    This is the reason people can use ceramics to sharpen steel knives, not the other way around.
    Data is just manipulated opinion as fact doesn't exist for most things in life. You continue to believe what you want, the rest of us will do what works best for us.

    Will also let you know that ceramic for sharpening steel knives is a serious waste of time and doesn't come close to what a quality sharpening steel will do.
    I'm a legend among my own kind... you my friend are just a legend in your own mind. Later!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIC View Post
    hi musicphan again.
    a good comparison between Baratza encore vs Oxo barista brain.

    Oxo has a lot of different features, but I think that I prefer Baratza encore which is much simpler and right to the point. Also Gail mentioned that Baratza has more consistent grinds. even though Baratza Encore is about $40 more expensive than Oxo brew (the basic kind, not this oxo barista brain at $214), I feel that Baratza will last longer and specially has better and more precious burr grinder.

    by the way, Gail mentioned that they both are not really suit for the real espresso grind. (need to spend more money for much better burr grinder.. I guess)

    thanks mike for your suggestions.

    PS: the Baratza Virtuoso that you have purchased, is this pretty good for real espresso grind?
    Just passing by, but I think you should definitely try Baratza.
    If you make a lot of espresso, get the Vario. If you only make espresso occasionally and are more of a drip or press person, get the Virtuoso.
    Personally, I use the Virtuoso daily. Pair that with good coffee beans and you will be amazed at what you can brew at home.


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