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    Help Please: I am Looking for an Alternative Carafe for Bonavita

    I am using a bonavita 1900ts to make my drip coffee. Iíve only owned it about 2 months or so but the thermal carafe lid has stopped sealing. It appears the rubber gasket no longer works and the lid fits looser. I have removed and cleaned it and cannot get it to seal. Never washed in dishwasher. Who knows... I am going to submit it to bonavita for a replacement but Iím not looking forward to having regular problems as it worked perfect from the get go.

    i was curious if anyone knows of an alternative thermal carafe with the same relative dimensions that will work with the 1900ts that has the filter basket that sits on top of the carafe. Preferably of decent quality.


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    This web site has replacement parts for all sorts of things.

    I don't have time to explore for you today, but a couple of years ago I was able to find a replacement carafe - for a different coffee maker. (small appliances)
    Maybe they will have what you need.



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