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    Help Please: Problem Cleaning a Bunn A10

    We have a Bunn A10 coffee maker that weíve been using daily for about 10 years. Lately the coffee has been tasting off, maybe old or burnt. Always use Bunn filters and havenít changed anything else.

    I used the included spring to descale but there isnít any visible buildup. Ran a packet of Urnex through and it didnít make a difference, came out mostly clean. Tried vinegar and flushed it through as well, but no luck.

    Any ideas how to clean it or what might be wrong? Possibly the temp might be low as it measured 180F?

    thank you

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    FWIW 10 years of daily use is quite impressive. How did you measure the temp? What do you use to clean the filter basket, carafe, etc.? For parts like that I'd soak them in diluted Cafiza as that will safely get rid of anything coffee related and rinses well with no after taste/smell.
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    SHADOW, thanks for this... much appreciated.



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