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    Help Please: I am Looking For a Commercial Stand Alone Steamer

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for commercial stand alone steamers. Preferably un-plumbed. We're using Astra Pro steamers right now, but potentially looking for something more robust, or something that can just put out more steam. The only other one I've been able to find is the Astoria AL Steamer, which looks great, but there are no published specs for pressure, it's plumbed, and it's quite a bit bigger than the Astra Pro (11" vs 17.5" wide).

    Budget is sub-$2400, which rules out the Modbar ($7200 plus cost to install, and our setup is all modular/moveable so we don't really have a permanent counter to install it inÖ).

    Thanks all!

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    Brasilia offered one in the early 1980's. It was a countertop unit which took water from a reservoir (unbplumbed). Also had a hot water tap. Sheet steel body was painted maroon. Also sold badged as Illy.

    Some enthusiasts have made their own by using a Bellman CXE-25.




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