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    question about Saeco Incanto Sirius


    I just got a Saeco Incanto Sirius and have a question about making a double espresso. If I want a double espresso or a double latte, is it best to press 1 small coffee twice? I've tried using the medium setting and it doesn't seem to come out right (too weak).


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    The small, medium, large setting is deceptive

    Some will tell you that you use the small for a shot of espresso, the medium for a longer shot (a lungo) and the large for yet a longer shot.

    In truth, if you do so all you'll get is a bunch of hot water forced through already extracted beans.

    I've had several super autos over the years and they ALL have this confusing feature.

    I set mine up as follows:

    small - 3/4 - 1 oz - for a ristretto
    medium 1.25 - 1.5 oz - regular shot
    large - I don't use

    For 1 ristretto hit the small button
    for a larger ristretto (half a demi-tasse or so) hit the small twice
    for each espresso shot hit the medium button (I use two for a 10 oz americano)- you can hit it up to twice

    Hope this helps. Some people set it up with like 8 oz of water going through a single shot of coffee - you can well imagine what this tastes like - blech! - yet it's advocated by a lot of 'experts'




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