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    Quote Originally Posted by Musicphan View Post
    Put the steam want tip close to the surface, as the milk heats up you will need to lower your pitcher to maintain the same depth below the milk. When you are doing this make sure the milk is rotating, best to angle the wand/pitcher so you get nice movement. Once you get the right milk stretch/expansion is when you submerge the want into the bottom of the pitcher. Hold the pitcher in your hand, when its screaming hot to touch that's about the right temp. While your learning I recommend using a thermometer.
    Yep, this is what I was trying to describe for the most part (sorry for the confusion as other's mentioned). Keeping the wand at the same depth level up until 90 degrees or so, after that, dropping the wand to the bottom of the pitcher until 145 degrees. However I've watched alot of tutorial videos as well that pretty much say to leave the wand near the surface throughout the entire process (not burying the wand as i just mentioned). What Musicphan said seems to be the standard process.

    The only reason I've been doing this 2-step approach is because some people who have the Breville Barista Express have recommended this. With this specific machine, it seems that if you dont bury the wand after 90degress or so, the milk gets way too much air incorporated and its over-frothed. That's why I was hoping to get any advice from people who have this machine, since it is a popular one. Its consistently rated as the best machine under 1000$ but the milk frothing does have its quirks.

    I definitely get the rotation, and I use a thermometer. The milk texturization is never consistent though.


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