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    Scientist found a way for a better cup of coffee?

    Heard about this on the radio today. Coarser grind and shorter pull time leads to better coffee?

    I tried it before on my Barista Express 870 and the pressure would be way below and taste sour. Am I doing something wrong?

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    I certainly find a 25-30 second pull for a double or 27-32ish for a triple universally gets me a decent shot. There's a perfect in that range which varies by bean and conditions, but go much shorter or longer and it gets sour or bitter, or takes on a whole different personality. When I was first experimenting, I had some beans that had an overwhelming blackcurrant taste that lingered for ages. When I figured out I was over extracting, I went the other way and underextracted. The taste was very nutty and the blackcurrant taste was completely gone. That blew my mind - I would never put nuts and blackcurrant anywhere near each other in taste, so going from one to the other by changing extraction time by around 10 seconds just blew my mind.



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