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    MoccaMaster - Brewing Half Pots


    Total newbie here. I just got a MoccaMaster KBG and an Oxo burr grinder.

    Unfortunately I didn't do enough research and only after I purchased it had I realized that the manual filter version (KB) with the 3 settings would be better for half-pots.

    For people like me with the KBG (auto drip), what techniques should I use to brew an ideal half-pot? I was thinking I could mimic the manual filter by simply starting the brew, then removing the carafe - so that the drip stops and the coffee has 15-20 seconds to bloom before I reinsert the carafe (before the basket overflows) and the water starts dripping again. Would that help at all or should I just keep it simple and let it do it's thing like normal?

    The other common suggestion I've read is to grind slightly finer then medium to slow down the drip. My Oxo goes from 1-16, 8 being medium - would you guys suggest a 5-6 fine grind?

    Thanks for helping this newbie!



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