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Thread: Basket Type

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    Basket Type

    Hi everyone,

    Have been told that I should think about getting a basket for my coffee machine with a crema valve instead of the unpressurized basket, are they better?


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    It's somewhat machine-specific.... if your machine has enough pressure to pull good shots with a standard portafilter stick with it. If its a lower-end machine that can't generate enough pressure go with a pressurized portafilter.

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    Other than the machine being capable, what's quite important is the coffee/grind quality being used. If the grinder is barely adequate and the coffee not the freshest then a pressurized basket will help hide those 'flaws' and give something drinkable for the most part. If you use a capable grinder and very fresh coffee then a standard (non-pressurized) basket will allow the maximum effect of what you have to work with, but of course will require more effort/skill on your part as it's less forgiving. Simple way to put it is the pressurized system is like training wheels on a bike.
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    coffee/grind quality?



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