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    Help Please: I am looking for suggestions for latte machines

    Looking for suggestions for a (mostly) latte machine. Budget under $1000 (desired).

    Current equipment/experience includes Breville Bambino, Cafelat Robot, Niche Zero, Baratza Encore, Hario hand grinder, Kinu M47 Phoenix hand grinder.

    As automatic as possible
    Low/easy maintenance (descaling, washing, etc.)
    Excellent milk frothing and handling
    Refurb machine is fine
    2 - 5 lattes per day, almost never back to back; the occasional espresso.
    I use mostly single origin beans from Red Bird or the Red Bird Italian Blend.

    I'm not a fan of Breville grinders because of bad experience with a Smart Grinder. So I'm not sure a Breville with built in grinder would be on my list.

    At the moment, *highly* subject to my next mood, I'm kind of thinking of a refurb Jura Micro 9/90.

    There's nothing wrong with my Bambino, I'm looking for something to put at a different house which some family might need to use for a while. Keys are ease of use, ease of cleanup/maintenance and latte production.



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