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    How Much Does a Basic Coffee Machine Cost ??

    How much do a basic coffee machine cost ?

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    Drip / Espresso / Home / Commerical - need more info

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    Not only do we need more info but clearly this person has access to the internet. Why not just do a search for a basic coffee machine? These questions are baffling.
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    Saw this question, and decided that maybe my experience would be useful

    I have Keurig. I bought some pods, had some coffee. Sounds to me like one of the best coffees I've ever had. Also, my friend's Keurig works for a long time, she says, better than my coffee machine, but who knows, we are not professionals. So I recently decided to buy a coffee machine, a budget for a gift for my parents. Very helpful in this article!
    That's where I found a simple Mr. Coffee. Sounds like a good one to me. And I saved the money and bought coffee right away. I buy decent coffee. I buy beans and grind them myself.

    Mr. Coffee was at a lower price than when we bought the one my parents had. Looked like the same model. Then another store associate asked me if I was interested in purchasing a coffee maker. She was holding one up and said, this model is discontinued and on clearance price. There was only one. The price was $6.88 for a total of $7.43 with tax. So I took it. It isn't much different than my parent's old coffee maker. The features are a little bit more involved. The old one had an on/off switch as its main distinguishing feature. The new one has bubble buttons, a time display, and is programable. It is doubtful the 'start brewing before wake up' feature will get used, but who knows maybe it will be good for those mornings when we know we will be getting up at a pre-determined time.

    So, what I understand now: good coffee maker cost near 50$...
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    I love selling Kcups...but I don't like drinking them. They are more about convenience than quality. Here is a link to a clever dripper. It makes amazing coffee(if the coffee is good that is) One of the bonuses to this brewer is the price...cant beat $25!
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