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    profitec pro 300 for home or small business?

    Hey I have a question about the profitec pro 300 espresso machine!
    I was looking to get a smaller machine for my house and this seems to be my top choice (for the price)!
    I also might open a very small cafe in the next 6 months and was thinking I could maybe just use this same machine for the business. If I end up needing to upgrade the machine that should be a great problem to have and I would do that and just transfer the Profitec back into my home! Seems like a winning situation. My question is if I happen to get a bunch of customers in a row is this machine going to be able to do that? As far as I understand I would have to wait about 1 minute in between pulling the shots..... is there anything else that I need to be concerned about if I have this machine in a small cafe? What do you guys recommend?

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    Based on what I've read and specs I'd say it definitely won't handle a small crowd without some waiting on their part. Likely is great at back-back espresso, but most these days want textured milk of some sort and you would need a larger steam boiler or HX really designed for moderate use. Also, depending on your area the equipment may need to be NSF certified. I'd recommend something like a Nuova Simonelli Appia as it's like the brother to the Aurelia that I used commercially (2 group) and the thing is a beast. Appia isn't too costly and will keep up with quite moderate demand even being 1 group. Depending on your anticipated workflow you might even need a 2 group to really stay caught up.
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    Thanks for your reply shadow 475! I’m from the USA but recently moved to Cambodia and have been having a difficult time finding really great coffee so I thought maybe I’ll just start my own small shop here. Most things here are quite slower so I could take time in between shots if needed but I do want to serve quality coffee. I’ve considered the lucca m58 and also the Profitec 700... I think getting an HX machine might be the way to go tho

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    The Profitec Pro 300 and the Special Edition ECM Classika PID espresso machine share identical build quality with well thought out German engineering. Being sister companies, the two even share the same factory. With either machine, you can be assured you will receive a machine with neatly organized wiring, easily accessible internals and precision in every inch of the machine.

    The Profitec Pro 300 is designed with the convenience of two boilers, while still maintaining a relatively small footprint. And being so compact, it maintains a much lighter weight than most other dual boilers. This espresso machine features two small stainless steel velcro-wrapped boilers, an integrated grouphead with a heavy-duty commercial portafilter, clean lines with a beautifully welded drip tray, and a simple switch to activate your shots. It even has a shot timer to dial in that perfect shot.
    That is why I believe it is better suited for manufacturing and small businesses.

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    Hello, I also want to buy one of these, for a coffee shop in a company, and I also have that concern about whether to wait a long time between one cup of coffee and another



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