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    Help Please: Jura C60 - Reads "Fill Beans" When Beans Are Full

    I bought this machine last April, and average one Americano per day.

    About 2.5 months ago, this issue started, and probably occurs every other time I make a drink. After the heat up and rinse, I press the button and can tell by the sound of the grind whether the issue will occur (it's higher pitched). It goes through the paces, but instead of pouring the shot, it reads "Fill Beans". I simply open the bean reservoir, shift the beans around and close it up, press the button again, and it works.

    I changed my filter as I was receiving that message at the same time and thought that might resolve the issue, but it didn't.

    I found this in a Google search, but this seems pretty invasive and potentially risky:

    You need to take off the top panel; there`s 7 Torxscrews (could be Phillips if you have an older model). When you lift up the panel you get right to the grinder. Be sure to mark the position of the grinder. Theres 3 colored marks that shows the medium position. Turn the black plastic collar counter clockwise until it stops, then lift off the knives. Clean up everything inside, but never touch the centerscrew, this part is balanced on tiny springs and steelballs. You will probably not be able to get this back again correctly. When you reassemble the grinder, remember to check the colored marks.
    Has anyone experienced this or does anyone have any suggestions



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