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    Advice Please: Technivorm Moccamaster models - advice needed

    I've decided on a Technivorm coffeemaker. I think one of the models, of which there are 6,with a glass carafe. it will be used daily and only a couple of cups. But occasionally family will visit so will make more.
    I like the KBG Select, but looks like it's more suited for half to full jugs. Also not sure between manual adjust and automatic drip.

    Any suggestions?


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    top rated coffee machine has a standard and classy design attached to it. The technivorm moccamaster kbt 741 has three elements in its design which are metal, glass and minimum plastic. This is a unique combination and that is what makes this brewer look outstanding.
    There is a conception that if a coffee brewer is made with metal, it will be too heavy to handle. This machine will break that concept for you as it is only 4.8 pounds in terms of weight. The weight includes thermal carafe which takes around 1.7 pounds from the whole machine.
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    I’m going to try one of the glass carafe models. I currently have a Bonavita 5 cup thermal which has been almost flawless for three years but it has lots of stress cracks in the plastic reservoir so I’ve decided to upgrade.
    So just have to decide between the automatic drip or manual.
    I also ordered a Baratza virtuoso plus burr grinder which is an big upgrade from my KitchenAid blade grinder!



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