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    Looking for good, reliable scale

    I am looking for a reliable digital scale for measuring coffee and water for French Press.
    Last Sept I bought a cheap generic brand on Amazon, but now the scale has been acting up, and is anything but reliable or accurate.

    Is there anything that stands out as accurate/reliable, but will leave me enough cash to buy the coffee I enjoy?

    Thanks for your help
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    Don't go too crazy looking for a scale. Any kitchen scale will do for french press. I searched Amazon and found one with as good reviews as I could find for the money. I paid $15 for an Etekcity digital food scale. I don't just use it for coffee. I weigh out portions of food like individual portions of fish for fish pockets. I weigh out food to be sure I'm following the recipe properly. I bought mine back in November 2018 and it has worked fine for me for well over 2 years. Just make sure it has the ability to measure different weights like ounces, grams, etc. Also, you want to be able to put something on the scale and then zero it out so you can weigh whatever you putting into the vessel. That capacity is essential for french press since you want to weigh both the coffee as well as the water. Before I was weighing the coffee and water I was drinking some bitter coffee. Now I've got it down to where I love the coffee it makes. Good luck.
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    I thought the scale I purchased back in Sept '20 was decent. I paid $20 for it, but now it is acting up. This morning the internal lithium (maybe it's really just a NiMh) battery was dead, so I plugged in the 5V USB charger. The scale powered on, but would not change from oz to g, no matter how many times and for how long I 'pressed' the units button. I was only able to get it to change by... and get this - dropping the scale a couple inches onto the table. Each time I dropped it, the units advanced. I did this enough times and got grams. I was able to make my measurements for my coffee.
    When I tried the units button later, it worked fine. I now suspect that the problem was the dead (internal) battery. Perhaps my little PSU has too much ripple on it. I'll have to check it out on my scope sometime.
    This little scale also has a holder for three AAA batteries, so I am going to install them and see what happens.

    That said, I might try an Etekcity model. I have an IR thermometer made by them, and have been quite happy with it.
    It just bugs me when things that should be so simple to use, aren't. It is an epidemic these days - I'm talking about junk products from China, not COVID!
    Buyer beware!!

    Edit: I just tried installint three AAA batteries. I used Eneloop rechargeables, since that's all I have - don't use alkalines anymore (except in smoke alarms) due to their leakage.
    When I installed the AAA's and powered the unit up, I could not switch from oz to g. The Units button did not work. Neither did any of the other buttons, including power. So I removed the batteries, leaving the internal Lithium to power it. It worked fine.
    So now I suspect that the issue is the chips used in the circuit are very sensitive to voltage, and when I had plugged the charger in this morning, the internal battery was totally drained, and therefore putting a significant load on the charger, causing its voltage to drop below that minimum required.

    I am going to buy the Etekcity and see what I get. I'll hold onto the one I have as a backup...
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